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Wait List Policy and Guidelines

Created: September 2016  Updated:  July 2018


Little Angels Development Inc. (LAD) is aware of the need of child care spaces in the community it serves.  LAD understands families need to plan for care in advance to ensure they receive the care that they require.  LAD aims to develop a waitlist policy and practices that are transparent, fair and consistent.


Little Angels Development Inc. develops and maintains a centralized waitlist for its two locations. To gain access to the waitlist, families must complete an online registration form on LAD’s Web site at www.littleangelsdevelopment.com, call the Director at 519-787-0142 or email form to info@littleangelsdevelopment.com to provide required information. 


NOTE: Waitlist priorities typically are first come first serve.   (Supervisor Discretion)

When a space becomes available it is filled on a first come, first serve basis, that meets the space availability date. Additional priority factors are considered when placing children on the wait list;
1. Full time requests for current families and duration of care needed.
2. Full time requests for new families and duration of care needed.
3. Part time requests for current families and duration of care needed.
4. Part time requests for new families and duration of care needed.


To ensure that families gain access to LAD’s programs in the shortest time possible, the following practices are put in place:

1. The date of registration on the waitlist will reflect the date the form was received (online or by email);

2. Families who refuse space when it is offered or fail to return a call within 24hrs will be removed from the wait list;

3. It is the parent’s responsibility to call or e-mail LAD to notify of any changes to their contact information.

**Little Angels Development Inc. will only accept families on the waitlist if their child has been born.  A waitlist must include the name of the child and the date of birth.  Once the child is born, a form may be submitted.**

Once a tour has been arranged and the family accepts the space available the registration process will begin.  A security fee is paid within 24hrs of acceptance and will be put towards the child's last two weeks of care and now your child is registered.   This fee is returned once a family gives their two-week written notice.  If there is no notice after starting care or if a family does not fulfill their start date the fee is not returned.  Please see Secured Space Retainer information.  Once a space is accepted, it becomes possible to eventually accommodate for more specific needs, for example, going from a part-time to a full-time space or changing LAD sites.