Curriculum Statement

Little Angels Development Inc. uses an interest-based approach when planning learning environments.  Recognizing the importance of “teachable moments” and provide daily, meaningful activities to accommodate learning desires.  We recognize that each child is an individual and has different learning styles. As such, we prepare environments and activities to suit the needs of each child within our program.  Each room is set up appropriately to facilitate this interest-based growth and development. 

Little Angels Development Inc. believes in the importance of socialization and emotional stability.  Therefore, beginning in our youngest program, we guide children in problem solving and relationship building. We also believe that children learn and grow at their own pace.  We use various strategies, environment design and developmental screening tools to set up each learning area.  Using observation techniques, we ensure our programming is meeting each child’s needs.  Little Angels Development Inc. understands community programs enhance learning and continues to facilitate and reinforce additional services within our centre. 

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